Bonus Scenes: When Stars Align

My latest novel, WHEN STARS ALIGN, is available now on Amazon. It’s a slow-burning second chance romance between a larger-than-life rock star and a former swimmer who needs a reason to dream again.

Read a bonus scene below.

The following is a deleted scene from my latest novel. In it, Nat has gone back to LA momentarily and the distance forces her to find new ways to bond with Christy.

Nat and Christy spent the week texting each other while Nat worked feverishly to get the Scarlet Begonias’ online presence up and running. She worked hard on creating social media profiles, an intro video for their new YouTube channel, and branding for the band. She also booked them studio time and a photographer to take publicity shots. And through all of that, Nat had her phone by her side, waiting for any little time that Christy had to give her.

That turned out to be quite a bit, and Nat was pleased to find that Christy was in a flirtatious mood all week long.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked one day when Christy called to ask about the next time she’d be in Westbrook.

“Nothing,” Christy said. “Is it a crime to miss you?”

“Certainly not, but I didn’t know I meant this much to you,” Nat said.

“Of course you do,” Christy said. “Come see me.”

Nat smiled and couldn’t resist the urge to tease Christy a little bit. “I don’t know if I can. Airfare costs are pretty high and Clive wants me in a meeting with my record exec at the end of the week to touch base.”

“This is the twenty-first century,” Christy said. “Can’t you do that online, Skype him from my bed or something?”

Nat’s lips curled into a smile. “Well, you really are feeling feisty.”

“Just get to Ohio,” Christy said. “We need to talk.”

Nat continued to play hard to get for the rest of the week, primarily because it was so much fun to see Christy getting riled up, and when Saturday finally came, she looked up the Westbrook Wolverines’ swim meet schedule online and decided to surprise Christy at the meet. It would be a fun little nod to their first meeting – or their first re-meeting, as the case may be.

The Wolverines were finally swimming at their home pool so Nat took an Uber from the airport, making one pit stop to get Christy her favorite coffee, and then heading to Westbrook and finding her way to the high school’s sports complex.

The bleachers were just beginning to fill up with parents and the kids were warming up on the sidelines. Nat snuck up behind Christy, tapping her on the shoulder and then pressing a latte into her hand when she turned around.

“It’s from the Daily Grind,” she said. “I figured you could use some good caffeine.” Christy barely even acknowledged the coffee, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she took in Natalie’s presence.

“You’re here,” she said. “You didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“Is that okay?” Nat asked, even though she could see in Christy’s eyes that it was. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Christy grinned devilishly and grabbed Nat by the hand. “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Nat asked as Christy pulled her along the length of the swimming pool. They went into the locker room, which was mostly empty by now. Christy made an abrupt turn, tugging Nat along with her as she went into the coach’s office. She dropped the horizontal blinds over the window, then pressed Nat up against the door so hard and so suddenly that she nearly dropped her latte.

Their lips pressed together, then their bodies, and Nat had no further questions about how Christy’s body would feel after an absence of fifteen years. Her free hand found the curve of Christy’s hip, just as perfect in her hand as always, and Christy’s thigh slid between Nat’s legs. Her breathing intensified and after a moment in which she totally lost sense of herself, her surroundings and her purpose, Christy pulled away and Nat let out an uncharacteristic giggle.

“So I take it you like surprises?”

“I do when they involve you showing up unexpectedly,” Christy said. “I’ve been waiting far too long to do that, but unfortunately I don’t have time for much more.” She checked her wristwatch and said, “The meet’s about to begin.”

“Damn the meet,” Nat said with another laugh.

She grabbed Christy’s hand and pulled her into another long, passionate kiss. She never wanted to let her go.

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