Kaylin Evans

Steamy romantic comedy with small town charm

I live in Ohio with my husband and two adorable, book-nibbling rabbits. I love black coffee and sweater weather, and I’m an unapologetic stationery and planner nerd.

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Latest Release

In this fierce rivalry, only one of us can end up on top…

Zach Holiday is scary.

Scary good-looking.
Scary talented.
Scary wealthy.

And sometimes – with all the stupid pranks he pulled on me in high school – just downright scary.

Now I’m running against him for mayor of our small town and he thinks I’m the same sweet little pushover I once was. But he’s dead wrong about that.

This election is just the first step on my journey to the Oval Office and I won’t let my high school bully stand in my way.

When we meet at our first campaign event – the town’s annual pumpkin festival – I’m there to rock the vote and knock Zach down a peg. I walk right up to him and paste my campaign sticker across his chest.

His surprisingly chiseled chest.

I blush.
He smirks.

And suddenly he’s got me right where he wants me. He may be up to his old tricks but I’ve got a few of my own now.

Reading Order

Cider & Chill

Thanksgiving in Holiday Valley
Coming October 28, 2019

Preorder for just $0.99

Naughty & Nice

Christmas in Holiday Valley
Coming November 11, 2019

Preorder for just $0.99

Confetti & Charm

New Year’s in Holiday Valley
Coming December 26, 2019

Preorder for just $0.99

Sugar & Spice

Valentine’s in Holiday Valley
Coming January 13, 2020

Preorder for just $0.99

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