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Watty award-winning author

I write comedic, near-future sci-fi for fans of Douglas Adams and Aldous Huxley.

I particularly enjoy reading and writing dystopian fiction that’s heavy on satire and absurdist elements. My debut series, Watchers, is 1984 meets reality TV.

Killers by Mae Orwell

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Hard-working butcher Edna is fighting to keep her job while robots replace humans all over the country. Besides the rent, Edna also has her kid sister to look after – she’s just joined a new church with a priest who gives Edna the creeps.

Edna is keeping it all together until one day her head has an unfortunate meeting with a frozen side of pork and suddenly she can’t spell her own name, let alone provide for her sister. That’s when the priest makes a house call…

Killers is a companion novella to Watchers.

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