A disgraced senator’s son and a resourceful orphan are thrown together on a sadistic reality show in this dystopian trilogy for fans of The Hunger Games and 1984.

A decade after a violent attack on American democracy destroyed the federal government, a private police force emerges from the chaos to take control. Along with the Watchers come cameras, fines and 24-hour surveillance that shatter both privacy and freedom.

Watcher eyes are everywhere and the nation is at their mercy. But when a new reality show promises to restore a little freedom by putting ordinary citizens behind the camera lens, they jump at the chance to control something in their lives – even if it’s other people.

By the time Daniel and Sasha land on The Elimination Game, dozens of contestants have played and lost, and the game’s true nature turns out to be far more monstrous than anything the Watchers have done. Daniel and Sasha must work together to escape because the only real prize is getting out alive.

Watchers is a 2018 Watty Award winner and two-time Wattpad Featured Pick enjoyed by over 60,000 readers.