What the Heart Wants

I can think of a dozen reasons why I shouldn’t want Xander Cane.

Top three?
He’s my boss.
He’s fifteen years older than me.
And there’s no chance he shares my kink.

That silver fox is vanilla to the core, but every time he passes my desk, my thighs clench all the same. I just can’t help fantasizing about the hospital chief.

But when I show up for my weekly dance shift at Masque, I must be dreaming because Xander’s sitting front and center, waiting for me. Well, waiting for Violet, the masked dancer I become when I’m here.

I’ve never found someone to share this side of me with and I sure didn’t expect it to be Dr. Silver Fox, who isn’t so vanilla after all. What’s the harm in a little anonymous fun? Soon I’m giving Xander private dances and unleashing his wild side.

All my fantasies are coming true and I’m falling hard… but what will happen when the mask comes off?

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